Raya Episode 6: Family gathering in Penang (part 1)

Part 1: Monkey Beach & Penang Light House

Yeay!!! Daddy drove us to Penang last Friday. We were so excited to meet all the family. After 4 years we hardly seen all the family together (all in one 1 event). The family from Mommy's side. We have 1 TokMama, 3 Aunties (MakLong, Mak Ngah & CikNini) & 9 cousins (Johan/Johana, Nana/Nuha/Adam/Humaira/Hannah & Aini/Rayyan).

In Saturday morning, the plan to to hike Muka Head to see the  Penang Light House then Monkey Beach. Daddy, Mommy & Eizan did not follow. 3E went there with their Aunties & cousins... They had lots of fun! They climbed 240m hill to go to the top. Full of sweats & it's worth the journey  :P. 

Once they went down, everybody jump into the water.. it's Monkey Beach fun! Yippi... 
Then Daddy, Mommy, Eizan & TokMama meet them at Tropical Spice Garden for the food.
Sume macam singar kelaparan.. hehee... Since they can't eat at the beach (full of monkeys that will attack anyone with food...). heheeheeee..

The girls in the mpv.

At the jetty for the boat - to the Monkey Beach

Elin & kakak Nuha

Sweaty & exhausted... Longgar lutut....

Erin & kakak Nana

The twin from the top....

Going back to the beach...

Abang Eiman

More pictures in fb... Penat le nak upload kat blog  :(


dbalkis said...

seronok dan cantik la the girls in pink..

MamaTiaMia said...

ita..jalan jer kerja yer..lamanya i tak ke penang dah..terbau nasi kandaq lah:)..dasat lah bebudak perempuan pink bergaya..mesti seronok semua.. ye ke kat beach tak boleh makan,monyet garang ke?..Tia suka ambik gambar nanti hantar berguru kat uncle Khai:)

Madam Sooyaree said...

cantik pulak tgk penang dalam gambar :D

Nana said...

kalau yana and zafier tengok gambar your kids mandi kat laut sure tension they all! cian they all dah lama tak mandi laut!

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