Raya Episode 6: Family gathering in Penang (part 2)

Part 2: Tropical Spice Garden
After the tiring activities with the climbing & swimming.. those cute little tummies were making sounds. heheeee.... Terus serbu food.. Everything gone in seconds..
Everybody meet at Tropical Spice Garden at Teluk Bahang. 

At the entrance 

Here at TSG, everybody have to prepare the food from scratch - the traditional way. No blender, no chopper & no microwave ;). So all of our family members has to lend their hand in the food making. MakLong (Mommy's eldest sister is the chef at TSG). You can read about her from her website. She has been featured in NST, Going Places (MAS) magazine & her students (mostly tourist) came all around the world to learn how to cook traditional Malay food. You can come & meet her if u are in Penang :)

Mommy & CikNini

Daddy, PakNgah & CikWan are preparing the BBQ

Chef Nazlina is looking at her student's skill of marinating chicken wings.

Mommy & MakNgah

MakLong is cooking with her assistant Chef MakNgah

Some of the ingredients for our food:
Red chillies

The Little Chefs with chillies... *hot* *hot *hot*

The Girls is getting ready to do their job :P

MakLong is teaching Elin - how to cut the veg

Cut.. cut.. cut... Watch out your fingers

Mak Long is demonstrating on how to use the 'batu giling'. Little chefs are very excited.

Mommy ???
Giling cili - the tradisional way.. Phewww...

Hasil cili giling Mommy...

 We have to bring all the fresh ingredients from home. The menu for today is:
Nasi putih
Ikan pari sambal
Kepak ayam madu
Ikan stim
Lala tumis lada
Kerang rebus
Kerabu sotong
Sayur kacang panjang
Air asam
Sambal belacan
Hand squeezed lemon juice

Get ready to eat

There are more pictures, but Mommy cant upload all :(... After everybody eat, the adults have to clean the place while the kiddos enjoying having FUN!.

 Hannah - bersantai mode

 Aini - tired face

 Eizan & his best buddy - Hannah

Rayyan, Hannah & Eizan (The samseng kecik)

Kakak Nuha & Elin

 The girls + Rayyan

The boys

 TokMama's grandchildren

Bye TSG... We went home with happy tummy :)
The end....


Nana said...

Itaaaaa... sedapnyeeee tengok all the food! eee jealous gila ni!!!!

heheh nanti I balas your email hik! hik! barang yang you cari tu .. i kena gi tengok esok. I tak sempat langsung! sigh!!! havoc siot sekarang ni ... *sob* *sob* Ni pun baru jumpa time to go blog hopping :(

mc said...

nak pari bakar, sotong bakar etc etc tu jugak!!!!

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