This is eLin & eRin's notes:

Last 2 weeks Daddy received a phone call from our previous school. Both of us were invited for the student excellent award. Since Daddy is not available, Mommy have to bring us to Kajang :(.

 Can you see our names?

Can u see now?
Khairunnajwa Edleena binti Khairol Edwan
Khairunnajwa Edreena binti Khairol Edwan

Even we did not get 100% for any of the subjects & we are not the best 3 in the class, but we show big achievement. From ZERO knowledge in Malaysia education, we survived.
We make Daddy & Mommy proud!

 Some of the performance from the students.

 Waiting for our names to be called.

 Khairunnajwa Edleena binti Khairol Edwan
[Class 3 Ceria]
It's me eLin :)

 *Clap* *Clap*

 Look at my serious face. :P

  Khairunnajwa Edreena binti Khairol Edwan
[Class 3 Cemerlang]
** eRin **

  *Clap* *Clap*

 This is for u Daddy... We wish you were here.

 We got presents!!! A dictionary & a book :)

Thank you SKKP for giving us the very first experience in Malaysia schooling. Even we were there for 6 months, we learned a lot. Now we have are at new school, still adjusting & really hope to get a better experience.

Thank you Daddy & Mommy.
Eiman & Eizan: We love you *hugs & kisses*

The twin from Mommy's tummy


:cahya schatz: said...


Mother of Two said...

tahniah!!! tumpang bangga juga. mommy ngan daddy mesti pround to both of you. :e:e

Gee Harun said...

congrats to Erin & Elin!! Auntie gee so proud of both of you ya..!! :)

MamaTiaMia said...

Wahhhh Big Congrats Elin& Erin..auntie so proud of you;) muarghhhhhh..Mommy & Daddy well done;):) you both deserve a clap,clap too;)p.s suka tengok naik basikal tu;) so mommy belanja kat mana?

Polish Twins said...

. no beautiful girls .. Congratulations!

I Love Ski Jumping said...

. Congratulations!

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