Special Iftar with Daddy

This afternoon Daddy called from work & he asked everybody to get ready for Iftar today. Yeay!!!

There are many choices of food. Alhamdulillah... 4E go round & round at the buffet tables. Rice & selection of lauk :) Noodle, roti canai, bubur, fruits, cakes, jelly, ice cream, ABC & more...

What are you reading Elin? Mommy like the HD's new flavor: Mango & passion fruit.

The happy faces with full tummy... Burp... Look at Eiman's mouth!!! It's so big.

Erin's tummy is not very happy. Hugging Daddy for help... heheee.. Too much sweet things maybe & cold foods too...

Thank you Daddy for the treat. Everybody is happy. Going home with happy tummy & excited to play with the firecrackers....

Nite-nite everyone.


dilaOHdila said...

kak Ita
daku happy tengok erin elin senyum jek bila nak gi iftar ni. mesti terasa syok dapat makan yang best2 kan. mengingati ku di zaman kanak kanak dulu....

** Kak ita
uptown jalan riko tu panjang jugek sampai ujung no
nanti gi lah jalan2 sana...dah macam raya suasana tu malam tadi kak

Nurhayati said...

makan kat hotel mmg meriah.
sampai tak larat nak sumbat.. hihi

Uncle Lee said...

Hello 4Kay-E, love this place, looks real classy. And the food sure looks fantastic.
You got a great hubby there, and loves his family....good looking guy too.
Have a pleasant buka puasa, And a happy hari Merdeka, Lee.

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