What are they reading?

Since we left Manchester, Mommy need to work really hard to make sure 4E know how to speak, read & write in Bahasa... It's very hard for them. It's hard for Mommy & Daddy as well :(. Mommy bought lots of books especially Bahasa Malaysia books as a reward for them.

These are some of the collection. Mommy hopes that 4E will always love to read & taking care of their books. Books are their best friends.

For the twin, they choose Ana Soleheh & Dear Yayah the series. The illustration is nice & cute. It represents Muslim girl with hijab. Kind of good motivation as well. The books are very interesting to read & they are keep looking forward for Mommy to buy a different series. Mommy will only buy the new one if they behave well. It's a reward scheme that we agreed with.

The Dear Yayah series is kind of big girl's book actually. But the twin are more matured than their age. So, Mommy allow them to read. There's no adult stuffs, but more to teenager stories... Girls fancy boys kind of stuffs *wink*. When they read, Mommy can see smiles on their faces *blush*...

Eiman choose his Great Gadget book tonite. It's quiet difficult to find boy's books in Bahasa Malaysia :(. We went to MPH, Borders, Popular & other local book stores. But none catch Eiman's eyes. He wanted to buy comic stuffs like the fighting japanese characters. Hmmm.... Not really fancy that kid of books. Moreover, Abang Eiman is very choosy! The result, he reads English books.

Mommy need advice on boy's Bahasa Malaysia books. Books with simple content but can learn lots of new vocabulary. Something that is interesting & he will look forward for the next series.


iem said...

salam kenal,

rajinnya diorang baca buku..
ni kembar ye..comel je

MamaTiaMia said...

itaaa..very nice new appearance ni,mula2 tak jumpa jugak mana nak letak komen he..hee..macam baca buku jugak rasanya ni:)kecoh kan kalau kita balik lambat,i sejak tia mia lahir tak pernah ada activity apa2 dah after office..asyik teringat dia orang nampak dia orang makan kat luar tu:)wah elin arin baca series yang best ni..masa auntie kecik2 dulu kalau bahasa malaysia baca "sekolah seri cempaka" best betul tak sabar2 nak baca the next series.Masa dulu ada Dewan Pelajar yang bagus,ada series,few exercises,ada Tom Sawyer in Bahasa.Ita dulu abang i kerja kat DBP masa kecik penuh rumah dengan buku2..DBP pun a good place for you to get good BM books..banyak good quality book yang really corakkan your mind sejak kecik,until now i masih ingat buku2 favourite i selain nancy drew,enid's etc tu..series "Misteri Rumah Tua di tepi Kubur"..i think kadang2 DBP pun ada lelong buku jugak...tapi untuk boys tak berapa nak tahu lah auntie:)..kalau jumpa auntie cakap k.

dbalkis said...

Teringat zaman kecik2 dulu, my mom pun beli banyak buku.. i read that "sekolah seri cempaka" and Seri Melor too..skarang punye version tak tau dah. tunggu turn my son pulak membaca.

hasma said...

kak ita, utk buku melayu sekarang saya dengar PTS banyak publish buku utk kids, ada comics jugak, kalau tak jumpa buku diorang kat bookshops, ni online shop diorang

rasanya kalau beli comics diorang ok sebab diorang fokus on Islam and good values, dont worry, anak Hasan Albanna dulu cakap pun sebelum dia teenager memang dia tak baca buku tapi baca comics je

Uncle Lee said...

Hello, good for you to get them to read up on own language.
Today here we have young kids from all over the world unable to speak their own language where they came from.
Only yesterday heard a mother talking to her very young kids, about 6 and 8 in Mandarin, they replied in perfect Canadian English, ha ha.

By the way, no need to ask which football team you cheer for, huh?
I used to cheer for the Wolves, or Wolverhampton Wanderers, sometimes Totenham Hotspurs....when I was in London.

You have fun, if nothing better to do, drop by. Have a nice day, Lee.

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